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Surf's Up Salsa

Carving Up Classic. Fresh, organic salsa with a modern twist.

Based on our Abuela’s authentic recipe - the new school way to enjoy Salsa.
Made locally in Carlsbad, California, with pasión.

Eat like a local

Only the freshest, hand-selected organic produce from local growers makes its way into our zesty sauce.
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Epic Flavor

Taste-tested and produced in small batches, we ensure the highest quality standards of flavor and balance and consistency.
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Don’t be a Kook and buy processed Salsa full of preservatives.

The only preservative you’ll find in the mix is vinegar and the natural tomato acids.

Eat your salsa fresh organic and local, the way nature intended.

Curl your lips around our three amped styles.

The OG

 - Medium
Our original recipe with grom-sized spice.

The Barrel

 - Hot
A gnarly heatwave that won’t override the other flavors.

Off the Lip

 - Mango Habanero
Aggro heat balanced with fresh mango sweetness.
Read more about our bomb products here, brah.
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Fresh Moves

FRESH salsa is as Californian as surfers at the beach. You feel the freshness of homemade salsa just like the salty ocean air. Out here in the San Diego sun, we like to keep moving and never want to sit on the shelf for too long.
When that tomato tang hits your lips and you crunch that corn tortilla, taco or anything in between, we want you to taste the local sunshine, waves and work that lovingly tended the produce, grown by local farmers.
We start eating with our eyes, and Surf’s Up Salsa is colorful, balanced and bright. It’s mixed to a medium amount so it still has texture, not too chunky, and not too smooth. Just right, like if Goldilocks were a Betty.
Then the taste, well. When you know you know. It’s the zingiest, most perfect balance of heat, salt and sweet. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what we mean. They say you can taste the passion in food and we believe that.

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Salsa is a Group Sport

Grab your chips or tacos and share with your family and friends.
PS it tastes EVEN better after a long surf.
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