Get your chips into the most sought-after salsa in California

Over a decade ago, rather than cupcakes, we made salsa for my son’s Surf and skateboarding camp fundraisers. Punters went nuts for it. They would return like salty zombies, begging me to refill their jars.
surf's up salsa abuela
The recipe comes from my 92-year-old Spanish Abuela. I loved being in the kitchen with her as a child. She taught me to cook and gifted me the meditative love for chopping, cutting, squeezing and tasting.

Our salsa recipe is based on the recipe she taught me as a little girl but I’ve since learned more about the organic chemistry behind what ingredients go into our blends and I’ve found the perfect formula with a new school twist! If you ever want to know more about the PH values of different tomatoes, show up at my house with chips and margaritas, I’ll provide the salsa and tell you all about it.

Even our business name has a story. My son won a trip to the Professional Surf Competition "The Surf Open," In Oahu, Hawaii. On the flight over, I decided to go for it and start my own business and my son came up with the name, Surf’s Up Salsa. It felt right.
Today I’m proud to say I’ve absolutely nailed these fresh salsa recipes and I love that every single ingredient comes from our local area. I believe in supporting local businesses including the farmers and grocers where I get my supplies, to the independent vendors who sell Surf’s Up Salsa.

You can currently only find Surf’s Up Salsa at small, indie shops along the North County San Diego coast. I value the relationships with the shop owners and appreciate them supporting me, a local entrepreneurial Mom, giving it a crack to support this family endeavor.
surf's up salsa market stall
melanie owner of surf's up salsa

About the Founder

Melanie is an entrepreneur and mother of three, living her passion. She’s a rockstar Mamacita with Spanish heritage, fully living the spice out of life. When the surf’s up - nothing else matters. Melanie feels the same way when she’s in the kitchen.
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