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Want to become a Surf’s Up Salsa retailer?

We’re passionate about our community and we love to support local independent stores and surf shops. You know, those places along the coast where people know you by name?

They carry quirky & local products along with staples you love. You might spend an extra few dollars shopping there, but we see it as investing in what makes our neighborhood so special.

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Choose Local, Support your community.

We’re stoked to say that currently, Surf’s Up Salsa is not available in any big megastores and we intend to continue listing our salsa with the retailers we care about and vice versa.

Bigger isn’t always better… unless it’s a wave.

Just like we make our salsa in small batches to ensure a consistent taste, we like to sell wholesale to small shops so that none of us grows too big and sacrifices quality.
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Surf's Up!

If you’re interested in rapping with us or arranging to meet, the process is simple.

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