You can purchase SUS in many of San Diego’s small independent retailers on and around the coast. We make it in Carlsbad but consider SUS a San Diego Salsa. Not to be confused with dancing, though your tastebuds might take up the merengue after enjoying our salsa.

We hand select all of our organic ingredients from local farms in and around the Carlsbad and San Diego area. We love supporting organic farming and we know it’s better for the environment.

Disliking cilantro is unfortunately a genetic thing. Currently, all of our salsa flavors contain this controversial green herb because we love the flavor, texture and authenticity it gives to our beautiful dips.

We’d love to talk to you if you are interested in carrying the successful SUS! Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you for a chat.

Our Abuela, shes 94 years young, came to the US from Spain so yes, we are proud of our heritage!

Our HQ is located in Carlsbad, CA near San Diego. We sell our salsa in the surrounds. You can find use near the beach in many local surf shops or small local retailers.

The word salsa means sauce though many people consider it a dip or condiment because it’s so versatile. Use Salsa in any and all Mexican cuisine, as a snack or be bold enough to spoon it in on its own!

Salsa is a Spanish word but it originated in Mexico after it was conquered by Spanish explorers.

All of our organic ingredients are hand-selected and tested for heat, acid and taste. Production happens in small batches to ensure that our salsa dances on your tastebuds and always tastes the same.

All of our ingredients are organic and sourced locally to support organic farming and reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve started the process of getting USDA certification but it takes time and money, for a small family-owned business like Surf’s Up Salsa, this process will likely take some time. However, we have every intention of one day achieving this certification.

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